Social Media Success Tip: Use Twitter to Engage Your Audience

twitter-logoTwitter is Bigger than Ever For A Reason

Twitter started as a service that was pretty simple- you could type up a short message and maybe a link, and that’s about it. Things have changed, however, and today there’s a lot more you can do with the service! Twitter may be one of most useful– and misunderstood– social networks out there. It’s a lot easier to conquer than you think, and it doesn’t take that long to become a pro.

Salty Dog Web Design recommends engaging your Twitter followers with multiple types of content. While text is great for communicating a quick message, photos often say a lot more with a lot less. Picture posts in particular are a must on Twitter, as they tend to drive engagement with your brand while also encouraging retweets more than just favorites- which means more eyes on your updates and brand beyond just your captive audience! Pictures can be new products, new services, stuff that’s just for fun, and so much more than 144 characters alone can convey. Engage your audience, and success will come naturally!