Custom Website Design & Development

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Do you need a website revamp, website facelift or a brand new website?  We are here to help!

  • Salty Dog Web Design is a creative, innovative and sophisticated team of website developers.
  • Our skilled designers and programmers are experts at transforming & revamping while custom designing or redesigning websites.
  • Our savvy design & implementation team will meet and exceed client expectations in utilizing moment to moment SEO marketing strategies that are radically competitive in nature.
  • We plan to grow your business along with the world wide web, using top SEO strategies as a vehicle for business growth leading to business results with real impact.


Salty Dog Web Design Website Services Include:

  • Branding
  • Custom Logo Design
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Keyword Search Analysis
  • Website Content Development
  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • SEO Results – Top Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to know how to do your own website edits & content updates? 

  • 99% of our website clients want to be taught how to make their owner website updates.
  • We will teach, train and educate you and your designated staff on how to make your own website updates.
  • A training staff lesson is included with all website development quotes and rates to meet client satisfaction.
  • Before you know it, you’re an expert at your own website updates!
  • Salty Dog Web Design has successfully taught these techniques to clients from age 19 to 75.
  • Websites are breathing and active- and the more you add content, updates, edits, and additions to the site, the better the SEO impact will be.

A small percent of businesses require our team of experts to do your business website edits and updates, we are happy to provide this website management service if you specifically desire and require it for your business.

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