Social Media Success Tip: Don’t Forget the Small Stuff!

Close up of a social media business planHave a Plan and a Consistent Message Across Social Media

Social media account creation can be more complex than it appears on the surface. Whatever you do and whatever services you’re using for social media, be sure you’re taking advantage of every feature & every function available to you in order to drive the maximum number of eyes to your business. Common mistake include leaving out an address, no proper business description, logo not prominent, no hours of business listed, and not setting up a proper call to action button on applicable services like Facebook. All of these things make you not just easier to find on the social media site you’re putting them on, but also Google too.

So be sure to fill out every possible corner of your profile, whether it’s the brief requirements of Google+ or the massive ones of Facebook. This will be where your business’s public persona and personality will emanate from, so be sure to start with a proper foundation.

If you’re feeling in over your head with social media, contact Salty Dog Web Design today for an SEO & social media marketing quote. We are here to help make your business the success it deserves to be.