Salty Dog Web Design Tip: Give Your Clients Some Space!

Messy_Desk_by_web_meisterClutter Always Looks Bad

Website design is crucial- no one enjoys using crowded, messy websites! Too much clutter will turn off viewers like nothing else, largely because they have no idea where to go. It’s better to direct the eyes and give your clientele bread crumbs in the right direction rather than sending their eyes all over the place- that’s just going to send your viewers to the Back button.  Not to mention, if your potential clients see nothing but a cluttered & ugly mess, they’re likely to assume that it’s a reflection of the quality of your business.

Make sure your pages have plenty of padding, whether merely visual or done through CSS stylesheets. The cleaner the look and the better organized the content is, the more likely your viewers will become potential clients. Make that content compelling, and your odds will only dramatically increase.

If your website looks messy, we’re here to help clean it up using modern tools and expert knowledge. Whether you’re looking for a simple website to advertise your services or a complete e-Commerce solution, contact Salty Dog Web Design today for a website quote!