Salty Dog Web Design Tip: Act Your Age For Best Results

web-site-designYour Website’s “Curb Appeal” to Your Demographic is Essential

Target your primary demographic! Although your site should be appealing for ‘everyone’, your bread and butter clients are the ones most likely to find, visit, and use your site. If you skew older, readability and simplicity to navigate are non-negotiables. If you skew younger, you have more flexibility but less time to make an impression before their attention is lost and they’ve already moved on.

In addition to making your website appealing to your potential clientele, also consider that some social media sites have much younger demographics than others. If you’re using Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll likely have better luck getting through to a slightly older demographic. Services like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, on the other hand, skew significantly younger. Centrum Silver doesn’t advertise in Tiger Beat for a reason, and ignoring your audience demographics while on social media is historically a recipe for brand damage and confusion.

And no matter what age your clients are primarily, go mobile-friendly and avoid clutter at all costs! We’re here to help bring your website and social media presence into the modern age, so contact Salty Dog Web Design today for our website, SEO, and marketing total package!